West Coast Choppers – Good News for Motorbike Enthusiasts!

West Coast ChoppersWhen you are driving a chopper motorbike or if you are simply a collector of custom made motorbikes and motorbike clothing, the West Coast Choppers is one of the places that can satisfy your shopping requirements. West Coast Choppers is an online shop that offers a variety of motorbikes and biking clothes both for men and women. There are a number of customized motorbikes, jackets, t-shirts for men and women, riding caps, riding gloves and many other stylish clothes and their accessories that can provide you with a satisfactory riding experience.

Jesse James is the founder of the West Coast Choppers program and now the same name is used for his site. His presence was initially exposed when he was documented in the Discovery channel. Starting from there, Jesse James has managed to attract the interest of many riders who wanted their bikes customized to their own preferences. People who had never planned to buy a customized motorbike also ended up getting one as the trend of today shows that most guys over thirty years of age need to have at least one customized motorbike in their garage. It can’t be denied that the West Coast Choppers program have made a difference in the world of motorbikes.

You might have noticed the appearance of the West Coast Choppers program on television and other popular publications. West Coast Choppers sites are similarly renowned for its ability in producing custom made motorbikes and it can cater to orders coming within the region of the United States. Some international orders have been catered as well, and if you are living outside of the U.S. you might want to know whether they still take orders from abroad. Apart from having the ability to customize motorbikes, as mentioned previously the site also sells their own designer clothes and accessories.

If you are planning to buy some of the gorgeous looking clothes from the West Coast Choppers website, you can be rest assured that you won’t be disappointed at all. There are varieties of designs you can find displayed in the West Coast Choppers site, and some of them include the fantastic looking skull CFL ring. The ring is undeniably expensive, but it’s worth money spending on as you won’t be able to find the same ring anywhere else. All items sold on this website are genuine and they are made of durable materials.

If you are planning a long tour using your customized bike, you might want to get some comfortable jackets and t-shirts from the West Coast Choppers website. You can match your clothes with a pair of padded leather gloves which can make you look really awesome. The gloves are printed with the original logo of the WCC at the back, and you can also get a leather cross keychain to complement your overall appearance.

There are varieties of options for headwear and women’s tanks and t-shirts to choose from as well. In short, you can find customized bikes and all your riding clothing needs from the West Coast Choppers website, and as long as you have the money, you can start placing orders in no time.

Mini Choppers – The Small But Powerful Racing Bikes

minichoppersMini choppers belong to the smaller group of motorbikes, and these motorbikes are mainly created for the use of children. However, mini choppers can also be used by adults if they want to race off-road. This particular model of motorbike looks tough enough, and it is similar in design to the regular adult’s motorbikes. The similarities in appearance are there, but the actual performance of this mini motorbike is less than a normal adult’s bike. The engine of this mini bike is around 25 – 125 cc. Looking at the capacity of its engine, it can be concluded that most of these mini bikes are not able to travel at speeds higher than 50 mph.

Mini choppers can be custom ordered, but there are also ready made versions offered for sale. These mini bikes come with a great appearance, and they look just like ordinary racing bikes, with the back tires having a wide base. Mini choppers are installed with engines which can be customized according to the preference of the buyer, and the more powerful the engine gets, the better the mini bike becomes. Apart from its powerful engine, the mini bike also produces a powerful engine sound, and this makes users more motivated to start a mini race using one of these bikes.

Mini choppers are not sold at a fixed price, but rather the price varies according to the different designs and features that are added to them. The tires, capacity of the engine, size of fuel tank and type of accessories are the ones determining how much mini choppers are priced. It has been observed that some of these mini bikes are simply made to be exhibited while some others are meant for racing. Some mini bikes are able to perform in longer distances and these bikes are commonly more expensive than the rest.

There are cases where mini choppers are used in professional racing championships. These bikes are often equipped with wide tires and this is to enable longer lifespan of the tires and prolonged powerful performance. These mini choppers are also installed with durable gears as well as powerful brake performance to make sure that speeding can be done without compromising on the safety aspects. For serious racing purposes, durable components are made to last longer, but due to its prolonged durability aspects, you should expect them to be priced higher than other ordinary components.

Even though mini choppers are widely used for racing, these bikes are not allowed to be used on the streets. Up to now, there is no license produced for driving a mini bike on the road. The prohibition is done with a good intention, as mini bikes are somewhat more fragile in nature when compared to normal automobiles and motorbikes that are used on the road. Mini bikes can topple easily, and when an accident happens, serious injuries or even fatality may likely occur to riders of mini bikes. Apart from that, mini bikes are not able to travel at more than fifty miles per hour. Therefore, it might be difficult for mini choppers to be used at the regular streets and highways as they are not likely to fit in with other bigger bikes and automobiles and could cause traffic congestion.

Harley Davidson Sportster – The Versatile and Sporty Motorbike

When talking about touring bikes, the Harley Davidson Sportster is one of the models that is mentioned more than any of the others. Since its initial launch in the 1950s, many people have agreed that the Harley Davidson Sportster is the best bike for touring purposes. Even though you are not planning on a bike tour in the near future, it is still a good choice for your local city driving. Sportster is a model that is suitable for everyone, women and men alike. If given a choice, it can’t be denied that almost all bikers would be glad to own a Sportster.


There are several reasons why the Harley Davidson Sportster is becoming the dream bike of everyone. For one, this bike is truly versatile as you can add a pair of sporty windshields and turn it into a sports bike. There are also many convenient accessories that can be fitted into a new Harley Davidson Sportster. With the presence of these convenient accessories, you can travel to any parts of the world without worrying about where to stop for the night. A Harley Davidson’s overnight bag, for example, allows you to spend the night under the open sky comfortably.


With all the addition of the accessories to your Harley Davidson Sportster motorbike, you don’t have to worry about whether your bike would look too ‘busy’ with them. All the accessories have been created with the intention to enhance the overall appearance of your motorbike, so these accessories will make your bike look gorgeous and enviable.

A Harley Davidson Sportster performs magnificently when moving, and of course you are the one who will be riding it. This motorbike is easy to handle as it has a perfect balance, which ensures that you won’t fall when riding it. The Harley Davidson Sportster is also equipped with the powerful V-twin combustion engine, and this means you can travel to any destination of your choice with ensured comfort and style. You don’t even have to sway your body from left to right when turning this motorbike as it has a perfect steering ability. This prevents you from getting tired easily when riding this superbike. The great thing about this motorbike is that it always produces a great sound when running on the road. This always gets people’s attention.

There are thousands of Harley Davidson Sportster motorbikes being used on the road these days. However, you might have noticed that it is difficult to find an identical model riding side by side. The reason behind this is due to the additions and customisations done by each proud owner. A Sportster can be dressed up according to the personal preference of its owner, and this can be done easily due to the presence of varieties of Harley Davidson accessories. If you own a Harley Davidson Sportster yourself, you are doing yourself a favour if you add some accessories to create a unique look for your bike.

Reasons for Choosing Harley Davidson UK from Other Brands of Motorbikes

Harley Davidson UKWhen Harley Davidson UK is mentioned, you tend to associate it with an everlasting and exciting memory of riding your motorbike on the road. Indeed, it can’t be denied that Harley Davidson UK is the father of all other super motorbikes in the world, and it is agreed that this motorbike brand has given tremendous riding experience to serious riders for almost a hundred years ago. When these motor cycles started appearing in movies and frequent advertising programs, people were inspired by the dream of the open road and associated adventures. Sales sky-rocketed as a result.

In the movie “Wild Hogs”, with famous actors like John Travolta and Tim Allen, four suburban men discover the thrill of the road in a grand adventure where they are beaten up by real biker gangs, save the damsel and town in distress and reclaim their manhood. This movie epitomises why people buy Harley Davidsons.

Harley Davidson UK motorbikes are not meant to be displayed. They are meant to be ridden, as hard and as far as possible. Harley Davidson has undeniably become one of the top brands available out there, not only in the United Kingdom but all throughout the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. The marketing and advertising program for this renowned brand has been robust and consistent

The production of Harley Davidson UK has resulted in the creation of a ‘bad boy’ image, where one is usually associated with toughness and masculine attributes when he’s using a Harley Davidson bike. This brand was born in the United States, but slowly the demand for Harley’s bikes has spread world-wide. Due to the increasing demand for this brand, Harley Davidson UK was established to cater to the needs of UK consumers. Today, this brand has been able to dominate the world market for motorbikes, and almost everyone knows that a Harley’s brand is associated with great quality, pride and satisfaction.

Due to the scarcity of fuel sources and the increasing price of fuel, Harley Davidson UK has taken an environment friendly step to beat this problem. Today, you can find Harley’s motorbikes being more energy efficient. You can expect a new Harley’s motorbike to have a capacity of 45 – 55 miles per gallon of fuel. Having this said, it is undeniably true that Harley Davidson UK motorbikes are more cost efficient than 99% of other automobiles and motorbikes out there. The price of fuel is estimated to rise alarmingly in the near future, so at least you are safe if you choose to use a Harley Davidson motorbike.

Harley Davidson UK is truly a brand that stands at the top of others. Even though they appear bigger in size, in reality these bikes are meant for everyone, young and old. They are the ultimate choice for weekend tour enthusiasts, and they are absolutely the best option for those who practically do anything from eating to breathing with their motorbikes. It is true that Harley Davidson UK is the pioneer in the world of big bikes, and the original brand has penetrated the market successfully from as early as beginning of the 20th century.

Harley Davidson – The General Facts About this Amazing Brand

Harley Davidson General factsWhen people talk about getting out on the open road, riding a bike with the wind in your hair with the possibility of adventure, Harley Davidsons are the first bikes that come to mind.
Harley Davidson has always been perceived as a big bike that roars when riding on the road. This bike was known as the havoc creator no matter where they went. Today’s perception about this motorbike is changing, These days, if you want to ride a Harley you can join a club and ride with other members in a safe environment. There are groups that ride their Harley’s for charity purposes as well.

The involvement of Harley Davidson in social activities is growing day by day. Today, you can even see women riding a Harley Davidson, and this bike can be seen in family gatherings as well. Even in India woman are buying Harley Davidsons, the first one being sold in 2011. Today Harley’s riding groups are comprised of both genders, and each group has around five to thirty members. Whenever such a group like this hits the road, they look awesome and they attract the attention of other riders without causing any chaos. Most people tend to join riding groups simply because they wanted to travel safely as well as have fun while riding on the road.

It can’t be denied that the popular motorbike is the amazing Harley Davidson. This motorbike is famously known as a noise maker, and this makes sense as it naturally produces loud and roaring sound as soon as the owner turns the ignition key. Being mostly popular among the older bikers, it does not stop Harley Davidson from becoming a truly accepted brand world-wide. This motorbike was first created in Wisconsin during the early of 1900s. It was one of the brands that managed to survive during the period of severely affected economic condition.

Harley Davidson motorbikes are purposely designed to be able to face any type of challenges when running on the open road. They are extremely powerful motorbikes with engine capacities higher than 750 cc and are designed to conquer the road under any weather circumstances. The first sale took place in 1903, and soon after that the company started to sell spare parts and accessories for the Harley’s motorbikes. Apart from that, other services related to the maintenance of these bikes were also provided to those who were interested.

One of the popular Harley Davidson motorbikes is the Sportster. These motorbikes have become collector’s items, and many celebrities love to own a Sportster. If you are planning to buy a Harley Davidson motorbike in the near future, it’s great if you could join some of the riding groups that are locally available. Most of the motorbike riding groups are located within large cities where you can join them for weekend riding activities.

If you want to get your motorbike right now, take note that you can actually find a number of Harley-Davidson stores scattered throughout the country. Harley Davidson has become an international brand, so it won’t be that difficult to find these motorbikes being sold in various countries as well.