America, Please Don’t Buy a Harley Because it Gets 50 MPG

So I read all the ranting and raving. To get a couple things straight here. I am a motorcyclist that regularly rides 400 plus miles in a day, I live in WI, I do not ride a Harley, and I wear all the proper gear when I ride. I ride because I love to do it, I love the smells, the sounds, the sights, and the people you meet. I don’t care what you ride as long as you are having fun doing it.

I see the ad as trying to get someone to buy a bike so they can feel good about helping the blue collar worker and then pull up at the bar to show off their new “american made bike”. good job, it goes along with all their other ads and marketing.

To get a Harley you can spend $9K. To get a “decent” Harley, you need to spend at least $18K. To own a “nice” Harley you need to spend $22K. who are you guys kidding, do you ever look at their prices. Lets be serious here. You walked in and got sucked into the “image” of the HD motorcycle, not anything else, including reliability or safety. the bikes are old, heavy, loud(99% fo HD’s have aftermarket pipes), and there is nothing new or cutting edge about those bikes. (Excluding possibly the V-Rod). everyone knows the expression “you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig”. that is what it is. the lipstick is the chrome and glitz, but underneath that is an old bike. You just walked out of the store with your new bike that you and every other Harley rider knows deep down that they got ripped off on. But hey at least you got your image and you can fit in with the other HD riders. Don’t forget to get your protective gear to save that image. Loud pipes don’t save anything, your pipes face behind you. so when you get on the throttle it isn’t to save you, you just, piss off your neighborhood, your community, other motorists, and mostly other motorcyclists because you are giving them a bad rap too.

As for the Jap bikes, there isn’t a ton of soul in those bikes but they aren’t buying an image. They got a heck of a bike for a steal! and you know what, it is faster, safer, and just as fun to ride as every other bike out there. those are the guys you HD people should be waving at, make friends with them because they are the smart ones! OK except for the moron with the helmet strapped to the side of the bike.

German and Italian bikes are still the best, I don’t care who you are. Yeah they are expensive but not as much as an HDs. plus they will most of the time out handle and sound better than anything out there. plus there is technology, feel and safety. You may say some of them are unreliable, which is true but you also have to think that someone has to take the leap outside of the box and then the rest will follow. these are the guys you want to meet, you may think they are snobs but maybe you should talk to some of them. most of the time they are the safest riders out there.

I love motorcycles and I love riding. I hate the idiots that don’t wear the proper gear. Because when they go down it is everyone else who has to pick up the pieces. I still feel and smell everything that another unprotected rider does, but the bonus of wearing the proper gear is that you can ride longer at one time and hopefully longer in your lifetime.

As for this comment:
“Actually, no, America will just lose that many more union, family-wage manufacturing jobs.”

Did you ever think that the old Union way doesn’t work in today’s workplace. most Union employees are overpaid for the job they do which in turn creates a huge overhead, which forces companies to move their labor elsewhere or cut costs where they shouldn’t be such as R&D. If all the Union employees would make what they “should be” American companies could compete. Believe me a lot of my friends work for big Union factories and they laugh all the way to the bank about what they get paid but then when people get laid off, they don’t get it.

Maybe if Unions were not there everyone could buy products made in the US that are reliable, well build and competitively priced. this would be a move in the right direction.

I hope this gets some of you thinking.

America, Please Don’t Buy a Harley Because it Gets 50 MPG