Basic Motorcycle Clothing Does Not Have to Cost a Fortune!

Opinions differ widely when seasoned bikers are asked what kind of clothing should be worn while riding a motorcycle. Some die-hard roadies will guide you towards leather gear, while others will pay more attention to comfort, or their wallet. Leather clothes are fashionable and chic, but do not always give you the comfort, warmth or protection you really need.

First-time bikers should question experienced local riders before hitting the stores to pick out their equipment. Believe it; those who have been riding the open road for a while know exactly where to shop and what gear is worth buying. When picking out special biker pants make sure they have crash and slide protection, are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They should be waterproof, and dry quickly when wet. Knee protection is always bonus.

To find all of these elements in one single pair of pants will be a challenge. Do not be discouraged if you have to substitute. You will not be the only one whose wallet is not big enough, or who lives in a remote area with few specialty shops.

Affordable clothing is easy to find and does not have to come from a high-end establishment. Take for example skateboard, or other types of sport pants. Some of them are water resistant and have zippers, and/or snaps, on the side of the legs. Just buy them a size bigger and they will fit nicely over your regular denims, protecting you from the cold and the rain. They also take up little storage room in your saddle bags. If you want something snazzier, leather chaps will also fit nicely over jeans.

When picking out a motorcycle jacket you will be faced with a tough decision: classic leather or brightly colored synthetic. Leather jackets can be heavy and are less visible at night. They are traditionally shorter in length, have no additional elbow and back protection, and few feature zip-out linings. In the winter they are cooler and in the summer can be quite hot. On the other hand, synthetic biker jackets do not last as long as the leather ones. They are usually more expensive, appear less stylish and are not often worn as a regular garment.

Whatever gear you want to buy, don’t rush it. Compare prices at the store or online, and wait for a sale! Using your regular clothes until the time is right can save you a bundle, or it will allow you to buy better quality products for the same amount of money.

Safety gear furthermore includes:

• A DOT-approved helmet; • Sturdy, breathable/waterproof over-the-ankle boots (cowboy, work, biker, or any other protective footwear);• Full-fingered gloves, preferably leather;• Eye protection, such as sunglasses, safety glasses, helmet face shield, motorcycle goggles;• Ear plugs for long rides.

Basic Motorcycle Clothing Does Not Have to Cost a Fortune!

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