Blonde Biker Sports Bikini, Tattoos

Chrome has a way of getting attention.

And when a bikini-clad blonde is sunbathing on the back of amotorcycle, chrome gets even more attention.

I spotted Chrystal Wilson riding her 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50through the drive-thru window at Anderson Pharmacy as I darted nearSparks Regional Medical Center this week.

After she finished at the window and placed her purchase in theblack leather conchoed and studded saddlebag, I followed her to afast-food restaurant just a few blocks away for a refreshingbeverage on that warm day.

Chrystal, the 29-year-old widowed mother of three, was takingadvantage of the sunny day to catch some rays while running errandsin town. She smelled of coconut-scented tanning oil and hershoulders and the tops of her thighs were already beginning to turnred.

Clad in a brown bikini with fringe hanging from the bottom of thetop, Chrystal was wearing Rocket Dogs, sunglasses and her two blondpigtails were wrapped into knots high on the back of herhead.

She admitted she didn’t normally wear the full bikini while ridingthe motorcycle.

“This is only the second time I’ve worn the swimsuit. I wasn’tgoing to be on a highway going fast,” explained Chrystal, who hasalways loved riding bikes and also owns a 2007 Harley-DavidsonNight Rod Special. “I usually wear bikini tops but jeans on thebottom if I’m riding on the highway or for a long ways.

“I don’t like to get these,” Chrystal said, pointing to the pipeburn scar on the inside of her right calf. “But I’m tired of havingwhite legs and tan everywhere else.”

She admitted she gets lots of honks, stares, yells and whistleswhile riding the motorcycle – whether wearing the bikini ornot.

“This is the third bike I’ve had,” she said, adding she has alreadysold the sportster and is trying to sell the Boulevard. She said asa woman, it’s not any more difficult to ride a motorcycle. “It’sjust like a bicycle. It’s all about balance.”

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Kansas, Chrystal moved back toOklahoma seven years ago after the death of her husband, who waskilled in an automobile accident on his way home from drill weekendwith the National Guard in 2002.

She and her three children – Joshua, 11, Jayson, 7, and Kaitlyn, 6- were living on Lake Tenkiller before moving to the Fort Smitharea just a few weeks ago.

“I came over here with a boyfriend,” Chrystal said, pulling uppictures on her cell phone of her adorable children to show me. “Wemoved here so he could get a job.”

Though the boyfriend didn’t get a job, Chrystal has been takingonline classes through Kaplan University to receive a degree inparalegal while she and the children live on the military andSocial Security benefits from her husband’s death.

“I want to get a good job,” said Chrystal, taking a sip of water tocool herself down. “I haven’t worked since my first kid was born.Hopefully, my degree will help me find something to do.”

The relationship with the boyfriend didn’t work out, but Chrystaland her children decided to stay in Fort Smith anyway.

“We love it here,” said Chrystal, who is renting out her house onChicken Creek until it sells and drives her children around in herKia Spectra. “I like the change of scenery. we have made reallygood friends in our housing addition and the school isclose.”

While her children are off at school, Chrystal goes old-school -listening to music at her home.

“I love to jam; I’ll jam to my stereo,” she explained, adding thatshe has a cute Chihuahua-looking dog named Jasmine. “The wholehouse is shaking. I throw darts in my garage while I smokecigarettes.”

As she showed me a picture of the dark-colored dog with the bigears on her cell phone, I noticed the purple tips on herfingernails with white painted swirls and the purple stud in hertongue. She also showed off the purple peace-sign tattoo on theback of her neck, along with the frog tattoo across her lowerback.

“I’m partial to purple,” she said.

And chrome, apparently.

This is the first time I’ve ever chatted with a professional dartthrower. Chrystal’s dart landed near Rudy on the first try – I’mmaking a return trip there next week.


Blonde Biker Sports Bikini, Tattoos