Consignment Store Burglarized During Giveaway

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Last updated 11:23 am CT February 27, 2010.

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Consignment Store Burglarized during Giveaway JOHNSTON CITY — Dozens of people made their way out to the second annual All Decked Out Clothing Drive in Johnston City this weekend. and as the consignment store’s workers were giving away a hundred bags of free clothes at a local church, even more merchandise was being taken from their store just blocks away.

“While we were all at the church, the store had been broken into and several items were stolen.” said All Decked Out owner Lani Perry.

Perry and a volunteer surveyed the entire store on Sunday, finding that the stolen merchandise was worse than imagined.

“There’s more missing than what we thought,” Perry said.

“They have taken some of my Webkins, I have a men’s leather coat, ladies leather coat, some Harley Davidson items, they cleaned out a lot of my Avon,” said Perry.

All over the store there are empty boxes and hangers, clothes missing off the wall, missing purses, and even jewelery.

“An expensive necklace and bracelet that matched these earrings are missing,” said Perry as she looked at an almost bare jewelery box.

Perry says now the process is a long one, as she takes pictures of what’s left, and goes through all of the items to see which ones are missing.

“This doesn’t just effect my store,” said Perry. “It affects all one-hundred plus consigners that I have because this stuff is not mine. they entrust me with it.”

Johnston City police say they are still investigating the burglary. Meanwhile Perry just wants someone to step forward so her consigners won’t be out of their merchandise.

“I just hope that somebody saw them,” Perry said. “They were not shopping here, they were not bringing stuff to the clothing drive, they were taking it out the front door.”

By Andy Waterman

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Consignment Store Burglarized During Giveaway