Discovering the Humble Beginning of Harley Davidson USA

Beginning of Harley DavidsonHarley Davidson USA motorbikes can always be seen riding on the road and displayed in motorbike stores. As a matter of fact, Harley Davidson USA has also been featured in the movies. It’s hard to replace a Harley Davidson with another brand as there are no other compatible substitutes available out there. Even though this brand has been around for quite some time, their motorbikes are still adored by many people. This brand is the stuff of legends, inspiring stories and movies that are going to be remembered throughout the different generations. However, very few people have a complete understanding of the brand’s origin. Here we will look at the summarized points regarding the origin of Harley Davidson brand.

The creator of Harley Davidson USA didn’t have the intention to create an engine for a motorbike in the place when he first started in 1901. Instead, the engine that he was working on was originally intended for the use of a bicycle. When the invention took place, Harley had just turned 21, and when he was 24, Harley, William and Arthur Davidson started to create the first of the Harley Davidson USA motorbikes. The first person to buy a Harley Davidson motorbike was Henry Meyer in 1903. The purchase took place in Wisconsin. The first dealer shop for this brand was established in Chicago, and it was named C. H. Lang.

A year later, one of the motorbikes of Harley Davidson USA entered a racing event and won. Starting from 1910, Harley Davidson USA motorbikes started to win in the first place in various championships. Around this time, Harley Davidson started to employ full time staff and they were based in Milwaukee. In 1906, a large factory was established in Juneau Ave and the place was handled by six full time staff. During the same year, Harley Davidson started to produce its own catalogues.

The first female rider of the Harley Davidson USA is known as Janet Davidson. However, there was speculation that Janet might be riding on a Harley’s motorbike when the motor was not running. Janet is the auntie of the Davidson siblings and she used to help paint the letters on the motorbikes. It was speculated that Janet might have climbed onto one of the first motorbikes created by Harley and the Davidson brothers, and this has made her become the first female to ride the Harley Davidson USA motorbike.

The use of V-twin combustion engine for the Harley Davidson USA motorbikes started right after the initial creation of Harley’s motorbikes. During 1909, v-twin combustion engine has started to be used in Harley’s motorbikes, and the same engine is still used up to now. The year of 1909 also witnessed the initial production of spare parts for the purpose of public consumption.

Harley Davidson is indeed a famous brand and this is why so many celebrities and people choose to have at least one of these bikes in their garage. However, not many people are aware that the first Harley’s carburettor was created out of a tomato can. Despite its humble beginnings, Harley Davidson USA has achieved tremendous success and one of its motorbikes is now priced for $40,000 per unit.