For Sale: Electric Harley-Davidson Sportster – Fuel Economy …

(This is not mine. I am posting it for a local friend. I did some consulting assistance in the design and construction of the conversion. -Ben)

For Sale:
The Sparkster – 1979 Harley Davidson Sportster Custom Conversion

This Sportster has been custom converted to a totally battery-electric vehicle, using an energy rate of 100 watt-hours per mile. That’s roughly the energy equivalent of 300 miles per gallon! Clean, quiet, and powerful! about a penny a mile to operate. Electric motors feature an amazing torque curve!

• Briggs and Stratton Permanent Magnet DC Motor Etec 24-72V –
• Alltrax 7234 programmable motor controller
• 5 Sealed, (spill-proof) lead acid, 12.00 Volt, 55 AH batteries
• 60 volt system
• Transmission-less chain drive
• Charger included – plugs into standard outlet
• 35 MPH top speed – great for in-town use
• 25 mile range per charge
• Acceleration similar to original gasoline design

Custom conversion was completed in may 2009, and about 350 miles were put on the bike since then. Motor and controller both support a 72 volt system, so cycle speed and range could be increased by adding one additional 12V battery.

Total invested in conversion project was $3500. only asking $2500, obo.
Specs on this cycle can also be seen at:
Mike Mangan’s 1979 Harley Davidson Sportster

Please contact Mike Mangan at ebikemike@yahoo.com
with any questions. Please let him know where you heard about the cycle from.

Here are a few photos:
MobileMe Gallery

Please note that when the photos were taken, the seat was removed to bette show off the electric motor. Also the cycle got a paint jub since the early photos.
Here are some more recent photos at another vehicle show.

A few more photos are also available on Flickr.

For Sale: Electric Harley-Davidson Sportster – Fuel Economy …