FOX CBS – Closeout Fox Racing Apparel

Motocross racing is about flying at the speed of light or close enough to it to feel the burn. It therefore requires special apparel to compliment the guts and skills of racers that can withstand the pressure of high speeds and rigorous turns and jumps. Well they don’t come any better than the all new closeout Fox racing apparel gear. the closeout apparel gear has been designed with the best material to make for comfortable riding as well as protection from the elements and accidents should they occur plus they sponsor some of the elite motocross riders in the world.

The apparel comes fully loaded, that is covering from head to toe to ensure full body protection for safety and style. have you ever watched a racer crash in a deathly accident only to watch in wonder and amazement as he picks himself up dusts himself and gets back on his bike to finish the race! That’s what Fox apparel will do to you.

The helmets are designed to provide protection from head injuries that may follow after a crash leading to a lot of distress. the helmets have been designed with a hard outer shell and a softer inner lining that is removable for cleaning to make for comfortable riding fit. the visors have been well made to ensure clear sight which is important in winning races as well as watching out for high flying rock hazards. they offer various options to fit the rider’s fancy such as full face, open face, modular and flip up helmets all geared to provide the racer enough comfort during ride. most professional motocross riders choose the full face with goggles supplied with tare-offs to keep the vision clear at all time.

The full body suit is designed to withstand varying changes in temperature and come in vented for warm weather riding. this means the suit will not shrink or expand from exposure to the elements as one races past. the material is tough enough to withstand constant friction with the machine and at the same time it is soft enough to be gentle on the skin. the body apparel comes in single and double piece suits in all relevant sizes including youth. Under suits to match with these are also on sale just to provide the comprehensive body protection required for the riders safety. the full apparel would not be considered complete without the Fox racing boots. these come in both track and touring designs to make sure your feet are well dressed up for riding in extreme conditions.

Other accessories that complete the ensemble are hand gloves, armor and pads to make for soft landings and protect the knees on those sharp bends. the body gear has also been fashioned for use during cold and rainy seasons with specially designed suits that are water proof. It is the commitment of Fox apparel to make motor sport racing as safe as possible for the continued enjoyment and participation of all.

FOX CBS – Closeout Fox Racing Apparel