From scooter to Harley

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Mechanical engineer and railway consultant Denesh Reddy won a Iron 883 Sportster from Harley Davidson for his participation in the motorcycle maker’s Judgment Days competition.

Reddy, a resident of Bromhof, Randburg went to the Harley-Davidson Johannesburg dealership in Sandton on Sunday to pick up the keys to this edgy-looking model from Harleys dark Custom range.

Reddy decided to get his motorbike license in November 2008 to avoid the congested Johannesburg traffic. although he admits that he is not a biker, he is a Harley-Davidson fan.

Reddy said: “When I got my Vespa to commute, I liked it so much that I thought these breakfast runs and things were lots of fun. I went to the Harley Davidson Johannesburg dealership in Sandton and I loved them.”

Reddy believes motorcycles are a leisure item and that Harley is the only way to go.

The dark Custom range of motorcycles was launched last year to satisfy high demand from Harley-Davidson customers seeking a motorcyle that embraces the darker side of the brand.

The Iron 883 displays a minimalistic, unpolished aesthetic with paint that absorbs light.. Suited for solo riders, this classic Sportster is black from fender to fender and features low-rise drag style handlebars, chopped rear fender, unique fuel tank graphics and black alloy wheels.

From scooter to Harley