Good customer service from a Harley Davidson parts supplier

There are some good customer service lessons other Harley Davidson parts suppliers could learn from this post. I ordered a rear axle mounted Rota-Plate Junior for my Rocker FXCW from Top down Pro in the States on the 25th August, initial customer service was all very friendly and prompt, the item shipped same day which is always a promising sign.

I checked the tracking information yesterday th 1st September to see if the part was due to arrive before the end of the week so I could take it into the garage and have it fitted whilst all the other work is being done.

Oh no, the part has been shipped to Austria, easy mistake to make I guess, annoying none the less, so I sent an email to Top down Pro to point out the mistake and see how they would handle it, here is the conversation flow:

Me Tue 1st Sept 19:13
“Hi Dennis, I hate to spot this late but it seems the package has been shipped to austria and not australia. I attach the image from the package tracking.”

Dennis Tue 1st Sept 20:38
“Ok, I will so what I can find out about it’s location. thanks!”

Dennis Tue 1st Sept 21:07
“Sorry for the error. I will attempt to redirect the shipment. If this turns out to be a long process I will get a new shipment out to you right away, this time to Australia!”

Me Tue 1st Sept 22:06
Thanks Dennis I really appreciate the effort and the quality of service.”

Dennis Tue 1st Sept 22:12
“No problem! Odd because the week you ordered we had two other shipments to Australia. yours was the only one that went to Austria, just your luck, right! we will get it resolve. hopefully it will be a minor delay and not be too much of an inconvenience to you and your build schedule. I’m just glad you caught the error, thanks for bringing it to my attention!”

Dennis Tue 1st Sept 23:58
“Just got off the phone with USPS. They are putting in a request to have your package redirected to Australia. according to the representative this is a 1-5 day process. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.”

How to turn a potentially bad experience into an example of good customer service.


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Good customer service from a Harley Davidson parts supplier