Harley Davidson 48 Sportster is a Modest But Powerful Motorbike

Harley Davidson 48 sportsterThe Harley Davidson 48 Sportster is considered as a street motorbike but it comes with radical features. The production of this motorbike first took place in the year of 2010. Harley Davidson 48 Sportster is one of the motorbikes created with different radical styles yet it has amazing rod designs. The Sporster 48 of today is created with a minimalist style that combines a strong design together with a classic appearance of a street motorbike. In short, this particular motorbike fits the bad boy appearance, yet it still maintains the classic look and its other practical aspects.

A celebrity once said that the Harley Davidson 48 Sportster reminded owners of their past life experiences. The motorbike is designed to be rugged with a raw authenticity.
When you take a closer look at the motorbike, you will discover that its posture can be described as a standing up bulldog. Having this said, despite of showing enough strength, this 48 Sportster model still preserves a modest appearance while keeping a hint of distinction that makes it stand tall from the others.

The Harley Davidson 48 Sportster comes with a small-sized fuel tank which can only contain 2.1 gallons of fuel at a time. It is for this reason that some riders call it as the ‘motorbike with a peanut tank’. However, despite this one disadvantage, there are many distinctive features of the Harley Davidson 48 Sportster. Launched in 1957, the first version of Sportster was created with elegance and radical features that can make people stand in awe. This is a motorbike meant for low riding, but it still creates an everlasting impression on the road due to its modest but capable V-twin combustion engine.

Owning a Harley Davidson 48 Sportster is not just about style and a comfortable riding experience. This motorbike is equipped with powerful parts and elegant accessories. The Harley Davidson 48 Sportster motorbike has a solo seat only, but who wants to share the glory of riding such a magnificent bike when he can keep it all to himself? The wheels of this motorbike are generously thick and trendy, and it is available in three amazing shades. It is retails for about $10,000, and you’ll get a generous two-year warranty.

A Harley Davidson 48 Sportster is the perfect bike to display your individuality. It is considered a status symbol and will definitely enhance your social standing amongst your peers.
By choosing a Sportster 48, you are not only getting the benefit of a great ride, but you can rest assured that it won’t disappoint you in any way. If your main intention of owning the Sportster 48 is to show off when taking part in motorbike racing events, then you can rely on this bike to do its job. A Sportster 48 will never let you down, and as an enhancement it’s a good idea to install a complete range of accessories for your motorbike, the Harley Davidson 48 Sportster.