Harley-Davidson Police Motorcycles

Police Harleys. like most of you, I’ve seen police on Harley-Davidson motorcycles since I was a kid. Not for all of the one hundred years that Harley-Davidson has been supplying motorcycles to police. although some days it feels like it.

Harley started producing motorcycles for police departments in 1908 and has been doing so ever since. Today there are police on Harleys in 45 countries. Harleys are used in more than 3,400 police agencies in the U.S. alone.

In a recent article in Enthusiast magazine, Steve St. Thomas, Director of Police and Fleet Sales, talked about the programs anniversary. Harley is adding a new 100th anniversary decal to the front fender of the police motorcycles. they have also added a metal tank medallion and a 100th anniversary H-D police badge madallion on the front fender of the Peace Officer Special Edition models.

There are two mew programs for 2008 which include the FLHTP Police Electra Glide, FLHP Police Road King and the 883 Sportster. the FL models have pursuit lights, an air-suspended solo seat, a 103-cu-in. powertrain, oil coolers, optional ABS on Electra Glide and Road King and bead-retention tires.

There are also the special edition Peace Office and Firefighter models available in the Electra Glide, Ultra Glide, Road King, Fat Boy and Heritage Classic. these have the same technical characteristics as the stock bikes, but with unique paint and tank emblems.

As long as there are Harley-Davidson motorcycles, there will probably be police riding them.

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Harley-Davidson Police Motorcycles