Harley Davidson Riders – Gear Up

Harley Davidson motorcycles are one of the most well known brands around – but they are also one of the most loved! by staying true to their vision and producing superbly crafted machines, Harley Davidson have forged a unique brand with loyal followers. Harley owners have many ways to show their loyalties beyond just the actual motorcycle they ride, however. there are plenty of accessories available for riders who don’t want to leave anyone in doubt.

The Harley emblem is commonly worn as a patch, or used on a wide range of other gear – mugs, helmets, or even applied as a decal to your car!

Of course some of the most essential accessories are safety gear, with a good helmet being top of the list. there are lots of different styles of helmet that offer different levels of protection. The most basic version is a simple half helmet with no face protection – these are great for the Harley rider with a bit of facial hair going on but they offer less protection from bugs and dust, which can be inconvenient.

Panniers or saddlebags are another ultra useful accessory that any motorcycle owner should have. useful for groceries or emergency items alike, these bags can be made to fit on any bike.

Finally, protective clothing is an important part of any bike riders wardrobe. Leather is a good material for this application, with the double benefits of strength and good looks. Reinforced leather pants and jacket or vest are a good item to have on the shopping list. Something with pockets will be extra useful for those little odds and ends.

Harley Davidson Riders – Gear Up