High Desert Harley Davidson

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These people are crooks.

I bought a used Sportster from them. when I took it to another dealer for a 10,000 mile service I was told that one of the bolts for the upper engine mount had sheared apart and I told them to fix it. when I picked up the bike I asked how that might have happened. The told me it was because of the accident. Accident??? what accident?

The mechanic told me that the bike originally had engine guards, and that when someone dropped it the guard on the left side broke the engine mount and bent the frame. The engine mount had been repaired with the wrong bolts. The mechanic showed me the frame damage, which was not obvious to an ordinary person but was perfectly obvious to the mechanic.

I believe that High Desert Harley knew about the accident and deliberately didn’t tell me. now I’m stuck with a bike with frame damage that I’ll never be able to sell for anything close to what I paid for it.

In my opinion High Desert Harley Davidson is unethical and not to be trusted.

High Desert Harley Davidson