Man breaks bones after motorcycle strikes back of pickup near Route 11 diner

ROCHESTER — a Lebanon, Maine, man suffered some apparent broken bones after his Harley-Davidson struck the back of a pickup truck and swerved out of control on Route 11 Friday afternoon.

Police, firefighters and Frisbie Memorial Hospital EMS responded to Route 11 near the Remember when Diner at 4:05 p.m. for a reported collision involving a motorcycle.

Police said a black Harley-Davidson driven eastbound by Bryan Webb, 33, struck a 1998 Ford Ranger in front of it when the vehicles reached the stretch of road where two lanes merge into one.

The driver of the Ford Ranger, Vasyl Grychanyuk, 45, of Rochester was uninjured, but Webb was thrown from the motorcycle. he and the bike both skidded along a short distance. he was hospitalized with what police classified as non life-threatening injuries.

Fire Capt. Willy Hoyt said the man was conscious and talking when firefighters arrived at the scene. since fire crews arrived before Frisbie EMTs, Hoyt said they started assessing his injuries while checking for any hazardous spills from his motorcycle.

The motorcycle had a warped front tire as it sat in a snowbank along the lane of Route 11 heading into Rochester. Nearby, pieces of handle bars sat in the road. Hoyt said the motorcycle’s final resting spot appeared to be about 100 feet from the initial point of impact.

Red shards from the pickup truck’s right taillight were in the road and marks indicated where the motorcycle appeared to have gone into the snow along Route 11.

Hoyt said it was unclear what the vehicle’s exact trajectory was, but it appeared to have rolled before coming to a rest. he said the driver was on the ground in the snow some distance away from the bike when he arrived.

There were several witnesses to the accident, but they all declined to speak to the press. Police at the scene took statements from multiple people and used measuring tape to analyze the crash scene.

Fire and police crews said it was somewhat uncommon to respond to a motorcycle accident on a windy day in February, but noted it may have been the driver’s only mode of transportation. The roads were dry and conditions were good for motorcycle driving, so he may have simply felt like going for a ride despite the cold temperatures, officials said.

There is a Harley-Davidson shop on Route 11 a short distance from the accident scene.

Webb was not wearing a helmet, which appeared to have no impact on the injuries he sustained, Hoyt said. fire and police officers both said he appeared to suffer broken leg bones in the crash.

The accident shut down the eastbound lane of Route 11 at the intersection with Little Falls Bridge Road. it caused a traffic buildup in both directions. Drivers heading west were seen craning their necks to get a view of what was causing the delay.

During the road closure, eastbound traffic was diverted down Little Falls Bridge Road. Bossi said they tried to finish up the investigation quickly to get traffic moving during the rush hour.

“It couldn’t have happened at a worse time — on a Friday afternoon, people are trying to get to the mountains and lakes,” he said.

The crash remains under investigation. no charges were filed Friday night.

Man breaks bones after motorcycle strikes back of pickup near Route 11 diner