Olde Tyme Stuffe, Inc. & Collectables Auction Preview Jan 21/2010

Furniture & Accessories: Outstanding Turn of the Century Oriental Cabinet w/ Brass Fittings and Embossed Floral Motif, Period Federal Stand w/ Center Drawer as found, Two over Four Oak Chest, Mahogany Side Table, Nice Miniature Slant Front Desk, Marble Top Side Table, Depression Style Bedroom Set w/ Bed, Chest and Dresser in excellent condition, 1960′s Style Display Cabinet Sofa Table w/ Key as found, Wishbone Shaving Mirror by Stickley w/ Celluloid Tag, Great Oriental Dressing Screen w/ Samurai Warrior Scenes, Outstanding Neo-Modern Chrome, Wood and Leather Chair and Footstool, Lindstrom Two Stack Mahogany Barristers Bookcase w/ Book Shelf, Tartanware Wood Serving Tray and Stand w/ Hand Painted Scene, Early Set of Four Ice Cream Parlor Chairs, Slag Glass Panel Lamp w/ Glass Prisms signed W.L. Best Chicago IL, , Multiple Pairs of Vintage Figural Lamps, Early Porcelain Clock w/ Floral Design, Seth Thomas Steeple Clock, Early Gilbert Mantel Clock w/ Inlay, Early Waltham Mini Banjo Clock w/ Reverse Paint Mont Vernon Scene as found, Mini Telechron Mantel Clock, Syrocco Eight-Day Windup Clock w/ Floral Motif, Room Size Whittall Rug in excellent condition, Beautiful Howard Miller Presentation Barometer, Vintage Boudoir Lamp w/ Lighted Rose Paper & Ephemera: 1894 Kansas Homestead Deed signed by Grover Cleveland, Nice Album of Early Valentines, 1899 History of Webster, MA Fire Department, Unique Life of Lincoln Book by Olive Vaughn, Entertainment Lot w/ Playbills incl. Milton Berle, Martha Ray, Patrice Munsel, Red Buttons and more, Early Lincoln Engraving w/ Presidential Frame, Broadway Programs incl. Silk Stockings, South Pacific and Scarce Louie Armstrong, Cardboard Cutout Halloween Lot w/ Skeleton, Black Cat and Early Cardboard and Crepe Paper Decorations, 19th Century National Convention Fraternal Photo, Early Radio and Television Publications and Ephemera, Large Lot of Motorcycle Magazines incl. Custom Bike, Custom Chopper, Super Cycle and Others, Early Scrapbook Lot w/ Opera Ephemera, Military, Railroad and other subjects, Pair of Outstanding Vintage Cadillac Showroom Brochures, Great 1915 Bound Volume History of Millbury, Set of Four 19th Century Cabinet Cards w/ Battle Scenes, Comic Book Lots incl. Super Boy #126, DC Plastic Man #1, Aqua Man #26, Fantastic Four #38, My Secret #1, Dick Tracy Monthly #8, Master Comics #80, Strange Tales Annual #2, Roy Rogers #7, Dell 25 Cent Abraham Lincoln Comic Book #1 – Too Many To List, Large Lot of Vintage and Contemporary Marvel Comics, Lot of Early Classics Illustrated and More, MAD Magazines, Many Postcard Lots incl. Real Photo, Victorian, Linen, Comic and more, Photo Lot w/ Halloween Party, Auto Dealership, Bette Davis and others, Vintage Postcard Album, Sheet Music Lots incl. Large and Small Format, Binder of Ephemera with Letterhead from Various Companies incl. Magician, Sunshine Biscuits, Steamship Line and much more, Large Lot of Vintage Children’s Books, Great Photo Lot of Horse and Wagons and Early Parade Float, Military Paper Lot, Mixed Ephemera Lots, Nice Lot of Photos and Photo Albums, Automotive and Travel Advertising, Coffee Table Books incl. Aviation, Harley Davidson, American Autos and more, 1950′s and 60′s Movie Posters incl. Murder Inc., September Storm, The Hangman, Man on the Prowl and others, 1852 Velvet and Brass Bound Bible w/ Clasp and Crest, Contemporary Movie Poster Lot, Postage Stamp Albums and Loose Stamps, Great Lot of Miniature Leather Bound Shakespeare Books, Great Lot of 1941 Mini Illustrated Bird Books by Eggers, Early Golden Books, Big Little Books and Children’s Books, Ku Klux Klan Rally Broadside, Early Juvenile Books incl.The Scottish Chiefs Illus. by N.C.Wyeth and Early History of Ireland Toys & Sports: 1939 Walt Disney Wind-up Pluto Toy, Outstanding Sports Magazine w/ Unique DiMaggio, Williams and J. Robinson Cover, Luxe Car IOB, Early Structo Pick-up Truck, Lot with Metal Tootsietoy, Midgetoy and Manoil Roadster Vehicles, Early Oliver Metal Tractor w/ Driver as found, Early Still Bank of Bank, Early A. St. Marsielle Doll, German Bisque and Composition Doll as found, Vintage Barbie Dolls, Clothing, Cases & Accessories, Dick Tracy Camera, Great Lot of Huckleberry Hound Birthday Napkins and Paper Plates, Large Lot of Baseball Card Sets, Lot of Wood Fisher Price Toys incl. Early Mickey Mouse as found, Pair of Early Motorized Wood Boats as found, Very Early Toy Lot incl. Checkers, Dominoes and Roll-O-Ring Board, 1937 Grand National Game and more, Marx Fort Apache Play Set IOB, G.I. Joe Lots w/ Dolls, Clothing & Accessories in Wood Foot Lockers, Hot Wheels Redlines w/ Rally Case, Matchbox Lot in Carrying Case, Tom Thumb Cash Register (IOB), G.I. Joe Jeep, Trailer and ATV, Multiple Lots of 1970′s Planet of the Apes Toys IOB’s incl. Models, Halloween Costumes, Super Eight Movies, Accessories and more, Action Jackson Clothing Sets in orig. packages, G.I. Joe Toys incl. L.A.W., Silver Mirage Motorcycle, Bomb Disposal Machine all in Orig. Boxes, Large Lot of G.I. Joe Action Figures, Lot of Huckleberry Hound Mittens NOS, 1977 Star Wars Darth Vader Handled Mug, Lot of Four Newer Kiss Action Figures, Large Lot of Smurf Birthday Party Items, Great Framed 1946 Boston Red Sox Roster Photo w/ Facsimile Signatures, Early Hockey Magazines, Programs and Books, Red Sox Yearbooks incl. 1952, Large Lot of Bennington Marbles, Large Lot of Assorted Dolls incl Barbie Scarlet O’Hara Doll IOB, Early Wood Shaft Golf Clubs w/ Bag, Ted Williams Autographed Bat, Autographed Bat w/ Many Hall of Fame Signatures incl. Duke Snyder, Bob Feller, Enos Slaughter, Ernie Banks, Brooks Robinson, Luke Appling and many more, Autograph Lot w/ Bob Feller and Stan Musial Advertising: Double Sided Gargoyle Cabinet Globe, Oval Esso Pump Globe, Mobil Gas 16 1/2″ Two Sided Pump Globe, Porcelain Conoco Sign, Metal Gulf Sign, Porcelain Pegasus Sign, Humble Oil Danger Sign, Howard Johnson Composition Sign, Hershey Country Store Neon Sign, Porcelain Eveready Flashlight Sign, Porcelain Texaco Sign, Coca Cola Clock, Prestone Thermometer, F.L. Grant Furniture Metal Sign, Renk Dealer Metal Sign, Bubble Up Metal Soda Sign, Dybala Metal Beverage Sign, Collins Porcelain Axe Sign, Atlantic White Flash Porcelain Sign, Sherwin Williams Paint Sign, Pair of National Forest Metal Signs, Guillows Airplane Rack Sign, Pair of Vintage Pepsi Cola Thermometers, Early Gillette Safety Razor Tin w/ Outstanding Graphics, Early AC Sparkplug Tester Unit, Unique AC Sparkplug Cleaning Can, Silver Beauty Growler Test Unit, Advertising Smalls Lot, Wood Real Estate Sign, Huge Paulner Munich Beer Mug, Early Funeral Home Sand Sign, Great Jack and Jill California Perfume Co. Mini Metal Suitcase w/ Great Graphics Military: 19th Century Weaponry incl. Pair of Belgium Made 44 Cal. Revolvers, Parkhurst Double Barrel Shotgun, W. Richards Double Barrel Shotgun w/ Engravi


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