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Don Taylor wrote:
Sammy you couldn’t have said it better. I bought my first XR at age 20 with no help from anybody! I now own 2 of them at 23. I made my own ride! it makes me laugh seeing some of the race rigs and motorhomes the pro singles guys are showing up in…put that money towards YOUR OWN XR instead of that $250000 motorhome! I work a full time job monday to friday all year long and race the GNC series. that being said, I finally landed a twins ride for 2010 with Skip Eaken… so now I have 2 readily available XR’s. Anyone out there want to buy a ride? hahaQUOTE:
All I can say is that my two main sponsors are Deeley Harley Davidson, and Clare’s Harley Davidson of Niagara. without these two, I would not be able to consider racing the grand national series. I have never been successful in getting a penny from a Japanese brand manufacturer. Suzuki Canada backed me in 07 with a couple 450′s which had to be given back at the end of the year. I asked them to help me get involved with a Suzuki twin and they had absolutely no interest. they don’t care….Harley dealers pay for us racer’s to go run the XR750′s. To say its not an even playing field is stupid. Jake and Schnabel both were successful on the Suzuki’s, and we all saw Kirkness running away on the Springfield mile heat race this year until his bike quit. Kawi has not even used their bikes in a proper frame yet, nor have they had a rider on them that has ever won a national, but yet, we are slowing down the Harleys even more to cater to them. So what happens if Bryan Smith comes out and wins every mile race this year? Will it then be a fair playing field?? If it wasn’t for my love of racing and determination to succeed in this sport, I would be packin it in… But thankfully, I have my Harley Davidson support to make it possible for me to race the full series and actually do this. Why doesn’t DMG fund any other race teams if they are here to promote a level playing field and fairness?


Well, in any event……
I too agree with Sammy regarding his cost evaluation.
I’ve built both and $15K -$20K is a valid average regarding a proven combination.

Development…. well, that is an entirely different matter.


Re:RIP DMG AMA Pro Flattrack Racing 2010 1 Hour, 3 Minutes ago