What Don't you like about Your Sportster Motorcycle?

Ground clearance – but that’s MOSTLY just because we bought a Shortster for her.

Size and ergos are fine, though I personally fit the R better than the L (specifically the bars and the seat).

I think the suspension could be a little better, but that’s an easy enough fix.

I wouldn’t bitch about EFI, but I don’t mind the CV carb.

Honestly, I don’t have many complaints.

And the “girls bike thing” I honestly could care less, but I’ll say there are plenty of other bikes out there where people act that way. It’s a factor of physical size, CC’s and price. People say that about certain cars I like too, don’t stop me from buying/driving.

Oh and I’ve never had a problem with a warranty claim. Heck back on my 93 they covered the oil tank when it split a month after the warranty expired. Well they sorta covered it, I knew there was an updated tank cause the previous design sucked, so they agreed to provide the parts for free, I just had to do my own labor. No biggie.

What Don't you like about Your Sportster Motorcycle?