How to Design a Harley Davidson Shifter Linkage



For most people out there coming up with a design is probably the hardest thing to do. You have to have some sort of an idea of what you want it to look like and also what you think most Harley riders would want to have on their bikes.

Now don’t get me wrong when I say this but most designers and companies out there just seem to copy each other with minor changes to the same idea. that’s not our style, and if you have a look at what we’ve done in the past and what we are currently coming out with you will see a dramatic difference.

All the Harley Davidson Shift Linkages that are out there now, are either made of Stainless Steel or Billet Aluminum, and are cut out on a CNC machine or water Jet and they all come out with the same result. They looki like they were punched out like making cookies with a cookie cutter And Flat without any true 3D (Demonical) look what-so-ever. Which means each one is exactly the same as the other Flat and very Boring.

This is acceptable if you want to have a Harley Davidson Shift Linkage just like the guy who pulled up next to you, but I always wanted something a little different than the other guy, especially on my Harley.

Instead of making our Harley Davidson Shift Linkages the easy way, like everyone else, out of Billet Aluminum or Stainless Steel, here at Custom Chopper Designs we make ours out of Solid Brass which is not only strong but also is naturally anti-corrosive, and will not rust. Brass is one of the best metals for chrome plating and results in a a shiny luster way better than many other other metals.

What makes Custom Chopper Designs better than the rest? In one word it’s Individualism because each and every one of our Harley Davidson Shifter Linkages is hand made from start to finish , from hand casting to hand finishing and polishing.

Each one will vary slightly because of this process which makes each and every Custom Chopper Designs, Harley Davidson Shifter linkage unique and unlike any other.

We at Custom Chopper Designs are the only ones who offer True 3D in a Harley Davidson Shifter Linkage.

Skull With Flames - Harley Davidson Shifter Linkages 2

Skull With Flames - Harley Davidson Shifter Linkages 2