Casino promoter touts opportunities for local businesses


I guess it may occur to you businesspeople, that if the casino deters heritage visitors and if it fails to lure gambling casino tourists, then all it will do is take from your local businesses, in competition for the local spending dollar.

You will find no doubt that the other restaurants will order less food, so if the casino orders fresh produce, you will lose other accounts to provide it.

With money so short already, getting gamblers into the casino from eg MD etc is not a given, either. why leave home to gamble when you have tables close by now…and online sites as well?

Please think on this?..the Australian Retailers Association has just found that if we had no slot machines, if that same money were spent in retail we could halve our unemployment…

Casinos employ around 3-4 people per million dollars…retail employs 6.5 and restaurants employ 20 for that same money….

Please think of the effect upon your business, of a casino in your heritage town? “

Casino promoter touts opportunities for local businesses