From the very first time my father put me on the back of his Harley Electra Glide, motorcycles became my passion, and I was hooked.

Soon as I was old enough I bought a bike and customised it so that it was unlike any other bike out there.

I love the freedom of riding, the growling, roar of the Harley’s engine. That passion grew and passed on into my life and work. I became a businessman, an entrepreneur, and product designer. I’ve designed many things and every so often I always seem to come back to Motorcycles ( Harley’s of course ).

There’s no other bike that makes you feel as if you’ve just got on it for the first time, every time you ride it.

A couple of years ago I created the “Wicked Works Shift Rods” range of true 3D, hand painted, Harley Davidson Shifter Linkages and covers.

For 2009 Custom Chopper Designs introduce the new Harley Davidson Shifter Linkages are also in true 3D, but in triple plated solid bronze.

Brian Barghout BSc FRSA